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Why do we listen? Part one: The power of a cause
Why do people listen to stories? When we tell a story, we're usually doing it for our own benefit. Maybe we're trying to prove something, to help someone, to express ourselves, or maybe we just like the attention. Whatever the reason is, there's always a clear benefit to us that we get from the t
Holistic marketing: digital and the real world
Holistic marketing isn't just about considering all aspects of the marketing stack. It's about understanding how those pieces form interdependent relationships, and how you can leverage them simultaneously for exponential growth. As a digital agency working with various clients in London and beyond,
Never be stuck for creative ideas again
Great ideas are the bread and butter of marketing life. Without them, we can't create great campaigns, we can't capture the imagination of our audience, and we can't communicate effectively. That's why everyone that works for a digital agency may share a deep-seated fear of the blank page. Our fe
A perfect example of holistic design
Every digital agency has their own idea of what perfect marketing looks like. There's a tonne of campaigns out there that get fantastic results, but some of them just have that edge that makes them stand out to individual marketers. For some it's the look and feel of a campaign, for others, it's the
This one thing will make your content shine
Ahh, infographics. Back in 2012, they were the cool kid on the block. Every digital agency who was anybody was pumping these puppies out like they were going out of fashion. And for good reason; people liked them. In their heydey, they would outperform the majority of content types with their attrac
Attribution: a methodology for analysis
Hopefully, our last post on attribution has started you off thinking about user journeys in holistic marketing strategies. We've identified the major challenges of attribution and also our need for a quality customer relationship management (CRM) platform to help us track and manage our touchpoints.
Building a plan for destination marketing
If you've spent much time on the London tube in the past year you're bound to have spotted Las Vegas' long-running poster campaign - 'What happens here stays here'. Their risqué ads work well to capture the imagination of a young professional demographic. No matter what you think of the campaign, o
What it means to be a thought leader
Speak to every digital agency in London and 90% of them will tell you that thought leadership is central to a successful content campaign. Most of them will also claim to be thought leaders themselves. After all, for a marketer, the ability to influence large swathes of your audience is a handy thin
Attribution: where strategy really happens
At Hex we're big advocates of a holistic approach to your marketing strategy. You see, having a single channel perform well is a great asset. However, when that channel works in parallel with another channel, the effects of both are compounded. The whole ecosystem becomes larger than the sum of i
What we can learn from spam
The French philosopher and biologist Jean Rostand once said: "Beauty in art is often nothing more than ugliness subdued". If we want to understand beauty in our art - the art of marketing - knowing what makes it ugly, and how to subdue that ugliness, is essential. Success is really little more