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Don't grow an audience for your content. Find one
During my time working in digital agencies across London I've seen some amazing marketing success stories. One of my favourites belongs to an old friend of mine from back home. For the sake of this story, we'll call him Chris. Let's rewind 5 years. Chris has just dropped out of university and is
How not to run a split test
Today I'd like to talk about one little thing that drives me crazy about the approach many digital agencies take... Picture the scene; you've just built a brand-new landing page for an upcoming product and are chatting with your boss about colour schemes. You think the blue buttons look rather sm
Marketing and communication
Holistic marketing starts with your team
These days I'm spending a lot of my study time hoovering up marketing-related articles on Medium. It's a great way to get into the heads of individual marketers, not just bloggers touting the company line, and find out what the guys on the fringes of the marketing sphere are up to. Today, I made
Virtual Reality
Social media in a virtual world: Facebook Spaces
Everyone in the tech space has been waiting with bated breath to see how virtual reality will change our lives. Some see amazing things on the horizon, others have a more negative outlook. Either way, it seems that the realities of VR implementation are starting to take shape, and the results are, w
Your digital location-service checklist
As much as we all like to do our Christmas shopping online, I'm willing to bet we'll still see a massively increased footfall on the high street this December. For physical businesses around the country, that means now is the time to make sure your location-based marketing assets are up to scratch.
Marketing and communication
Let's be honest about what doesn't work
I once worked for a company that wanted to run four campaigns per quarter. I still remember when our head of department told us. Mouths around the room dropped to the floor. Heads turned to each other in bewilderment. How was our small, focused team supposed to run twelve creative and highly-targete
Why do we listen: the fine line of comedy
Sometimes I wonder whether we shouldn't rename marketing to 'the attention industry'. After all, attention is what it's all about. We grow it, control it, barter it, pay for it, and sell it to others. We spend our days learning how to get it and deciding what to do with it when we do. With this s
Here's what you need to know about voice search
Did you ever have one of those moments when you suddenly realize "Wow, I'm living in the future."? You know, the kind of future you see in old sci-fi TV shows; automatic doors, video conferencing, jetpacks - technologies that seemed like magic when we were nine years old. Nothing gives me this fe
SEO trend watch: topic clusters explained
The world of SEO is changing at a lightning pace. It feels like there's a new trend every week. And as it should; technology is advancing every day and the way we process information is constantly evolving. It doesn't seem so long ago that mobile was changing the game for digital access around the w
Why do we listen? Part one: The power of a cause
Why do people listen to stories? When we tell a story, we're usually doing it for our own benefit. Maybe we're trying to prove something, to help someone, to express ourselves, or maybe we just like the attention. Whatever the reason is, there's always a clear benefit to us that we get from the t