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Good graphic design vs bad graphic design
Do me a quick favour. Type "expensive design vs cheap design" into Google and have a scroll through some of the articles. You're going to see a lot of blogs pushing the "cheap design costs you more in the long run" schtick. There's a lot of logic to this line of thinking. Bad design could drive o
Make your multi-location business personal again
Let's imagine that you're going to buy a second-hand car. Over your morning coffee, you spot a great one on Gumtree that has everything you need at a great price. Over lunch, however, a trusted co-worker tells you he's selling the same car for the same price. Which car do you choose? If you're
Social objects and where to find them
Recently, we helped Visit London with their new summer campaign. During execution, we generated over 300,000 engagements across multiple social channels - a fantastic result for Visit London and a job well-done here at Hex. After a successful campaign, it's always useful to take some time out to
Leverage hyper-locality in your strategy
When I was a child, my parents hired a window cleaner. He was often tardy, not particularly cheap, and my mum complained about his work constantly. One day, I asked why we didn't hire somebody else. She paused briefly, then said: "Well, he lives just up the road." Throughout my career in di
Designing for web isn’t a walk in the park
Making something look great is just the beginning. You also have to consider how the end user will interact with the interface, how the interface will respond across different devices, what the user experience (UX) will be like across different devices, optimisation, accessibility, web fonts and lic
apple wallet
Marketing and communication
Underused digital marketing channels
Working in digital marketing, our brains are trained (or maybe programmed) to keep bang up to date with new and emerging technologies and platforms where we can potentially reach the audiences we need to for our clients. New social networks seemingly pop up everyday, each with the threat of becom
Jamie using a HTC Vive
Virtual Reality
Virtual reality and the future of digital
Gimmicks. I've never been one for them. 3D video, "4D" experiences; I've always felt they fell short. So I had my doubts about Virtual Reality (VR) until... Overclockers gave me the chance to be one of the first to try the HTC Vive. Any doubts I had were instantly washed away in a tide of glorio
Should I advertise with Snapchat?
Although Facebook’s leading position seems to be safe, Snapchat is enjoying rapid and spectacular growth, with daily video views increasing by more than 350% YOY. According to Snapchat statistics, the number of daily video views has already reached 10 billion, which means Snapchat generates mor
10 amazing mural artists you might not know
Murals - monumental paintings that take urban infrastructure as canvas - are considered by some as simply street art railing against the homogeny of contemporary commercial cities. For me some of them are a genuine - and perhaps the most powerful - manifestation of modern art. Why? Thanks to thei
5 examples of awesome animation
As a digital agency we always have our peepers on the lookout for new tasty bites to feast on. We are surrounded by so much awesome work and we feel it’s our duty to share and regularly keep you updated with some of the funkiest, coolest, craziest motion design around. Well played boss. So enjoy