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How digital can stop the high street apocalypse
In 2017, 16 high street stores closed every day (source: The Local Data Company for PWC). As their cash registers chimed for the last time, what could have been seen as the canary in the mine – a warning for other retailers to act fast - might well have been the death knell. In the first half of 2
Why your hospitality business needs a single customer view
A client once told me that one loyal customer is worth twelve newcomers. That wasn't hyperbole. He'd actually looked at the figures. As I'm sure you're already aware, a customer that loves your restaurant does much more than spend a lot of money there. They become an ambassador for your brand, bring
Virtual Reality
Marketing your destination with virtual reality
Whenever a new consumer technology becomes widely available, the chatter in the marketing space reaches an all-time high. The question on everyone's lips, inevitably, is one of how we can leverage the new tech to create compelling marketing experiences, get people excited about products, and make mo
What's your motivation for gamification?
My mobile service provider has built a mobile game. I know this because they keep sending me notifications about it. 'Bored on your commute home? Play our new mobile game.' Ask a marketer, I can appreciate the timeliness of these little messages. The consumer in me, however, is deeply irritate
Marketing and communication
Using digital to enrich your point of sale
In an age where most of our lives seem to be spent online, it's easy to start believing that the secret to growth for your company lies somewhere out there on the world wide web. If you could only find the right platform/audience/application/fairy dust recipe then your worries will be over. Of co
Looking forward: persuasive technologies
In today's fast-moving technological landscape every good agency has to keep one eye on the future. It's essential to our ability to react and adapt to innovations that take place in the marketplace. For some time now, our vision of what is to come has been dominated by one central, imminent, and in
Don't grow an audience for your content. Find one
During my time working in digital agencies across London I've seen some amazing marketing success stories. One of my favourites belongs to an old friend of mine from back home. For the sake of this story, we'll call him Chris. Let's rewind 5 years. Chris has just dropped out of university and is
How not to run a split test
Today I'd like to talk about one little thing that drives me crazy about the approach many digital agencies take... Picture the scene; you've just built a brand-new landing page for an upcoming product and are chatting with your boss about colour schemes. You think the blue buttons look rather sm
Marketing and communication
Holistic marketing starts with your team
These days I'm spending a lot of my study time hoovering up marketing-related articles on Medium. It's a great way to get into the heads of individual marketers, not just bloggers touting the company line, and find out what the guys on the fringes of the marketing sphere are up to. Today, I made