Harvard University
Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology

Website Design & Development

I. Brief

Harvard University’s Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) team approached us to refresh their department website with an exciting new look and feel, with the aim of giving the department a wider appeal to prospective students.

The new site was to dovetail with the central Harvard brand, but with its own identity and personality.

II. Action

We created an entirely new visual identity for the MCB department which we applied across a beautiful, user friendly, fully responsive website with close attention to detail in the user experience across all key platforms.

We translated complex tables of academic course information into easy to understand diagrams, and worked with various teams at Harvard to integrate their own systems to give users a seamless experience throughout the site.

"Working with Hex was one of the best professional experiences I had last year. They were fantastic: creative, smart, perceptive and able to work seamlessly through myriad design and content requests"
Polina Kehayova, Ph.D.
Scientific Director

See for yourself

View the MCB site here. If you like what you see we'd love to hear from you.

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