The House of St. Barnabas

360° Digital

I. Brief

The House of St Barnabas is a relatively young brand: a charity that pledges to create a fairer society, connect a community of social change makers and break the cycle of homelessness. At its heart, it needed a digital vehicle that brought together multiple strands of their business: the work of the charity, their employment academy, the not-for-profit members’ club, and the public-facing, culturally and socially progressive events taking place within it.

II. Action

Drawing from their initial brand world, we fleshed out design elements for digital, developing a full width, fully flexible site and CMS that gave the in-house team complete autonomy. This included complex 3rd party integration to plug in their 3rd party CRM system and payments platform.

Thinking ahead, we helped to secure a Google AdWords investment worth $10k a month - delivering valuable traffic from targeted search queries - whilst continually optimising the platform and its hosting environment for organic traffic. This extended to a full comms plan for their social channels.

This holistic approach to digital has activated the real-world vision of HoSB in the online space. We designed, built and continue to manage an engaging platform that drives donations, increases membership enquiries and ultimately, helps this incredible social business to tell its story.

"Hex are our web guardians and have been instrumental in steering us through the power of digital to tell our story."
Nadra Shah
Director of Culture

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