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I. Brief

Warner Brothers approached Hex to help them create stand-out video content for an up-and-coming artist, Catherine McGrath. The brief was simple; to create 8 videos which caught the attention of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter users.

II. Action

The internet - social media in particular - is saturated with video content more so than ever before. In order to stand out, we needed to not only produce visually eye-catching content but to do something people weren’t expecting to see.

With this in mind, we decided to create an illusion which showed Catherine ‘reaching out’ of the videos on each of the platforms and seemingly interacting with and operating the surrounding buttons - for example, turning up the volume on YouTube by moving the volume slider, tapping the like and share buttons on Instagram and sitting on the edge of the video player on Facebook, legs dangling over the comments.


The resulting videos were the most engaged with content Catherine had ever shared on her social profiles, with comments from fans showing how we’d achieved our objective of surprising people and catching their attention.

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